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1. What is TransApp?

TransApp is a unified marketplace which connects load owners, truck/fleet owners, transport in-termediaries, transport companies, packers and movers and others for exchange of available loads and trucks and provides the flexibility to select any available load or truck.

2. How Does TransApp Work?

TransApp is a two-way working platform.Consignors / Transporters posts a load / truck at the portal and gets instant matches as per the available trucks / loads already posted by other Consignors / Transporters. Consignor also has the option to contact transporters available as per the load details in surrounding areas.

3. Who can Post a Load/Truck?

Load: Any Person or Entity that has a load of material to be delivered from one place to another. The Person or Entity can be the Owner of the Load or can be an Associate to the Owner of the Load.

Truck: Transporters like Transport Company or Agency, Truck Owner, Fleet Owner, Truck Brokers, Packers & Movers, Business Owner that has a Truck available for movement from one place to another

4. Why do I need to signup, and is it Free?

You do not need to sign-up as a user in order to search for a Truck/Load. When you find a Load/Truck that you are interested in and you want to contact the other user, you will then need to join TransApp (only registered users can contact other users).

It is completely free, quick and easy to join TransApp for a Consignor. However, to register as a Transporter, some detailed information is required.

5. How do we contact the Consignor/Transporter?

Users can get in touch in two ways:

1. By private messages - recommended for initial contact
TransApp has a private, internal messaging service, which allows you to get in touch with and re-spond to all users easily and free of charge, without ever disclosing your email. When another user sends you a private message you can easily find out more about them - just open the message and then click on their photo to go to their profile. When you receive a message from another user, you’ll get a notification from TransApp.

2. By phone
We strongly recommend that you make a quick phone call to a user, at least the day before your load pickup/truck departure, to confirm last minute details. All our users are required to verify their mobile phone number so that we know that they will be reachable on this occasion. However, it is not mandatory to show your number to other users.

6. How do I know that I can trust a Consignor / Transporter?

It’s important to note that users use their real identities and pseudonyms are not accepted, ensuring that people behave responsibly, under their full, real name (and real photo). Phone numbers and emails are also both verified. Our Two-Way rating & reviews system enables a user to read the ratings & reviews of other users before making a deal.

7. How do Pricing and Payment work?

Prices may/may not be negotiable and are offered by Transporters when they post a available truck or accept a available load. TransApp allow only verified and registered Transporters on its portal which ensures the prices are competitive.

Terms of Payments is decided between the Consignor and Transporter as per their mutual agree-ment. TransApp is not involved in any payment transaction.

8. Does TransApp provide guarantee accuracy, timelines, safety and completeness of the transaction?

TransApp is a unified marketplace connecting different types of goods transporters and consignors to carry a transaction as per mutually agreed terms & conditions. We do not guarantee accuracy, timelines, safety and completeness of the transaction. However, it is our endeavour to bring only the verified and trusted users on our portal.

9. How long will be my postings of Loads/Trucks will be valid?

All the posting of Loads/Trucks will expire and removed from the portal after passing the scheduled date and time of the posting. However, all the posting will remain in your ‘History’ tab in Dashboard.

10. How important are registered email address and mobile number?

It is very important because all the communications related to your account and transactions will be done to registered email address and mobile number.

11. What if I want to receive or send enquiries to only preferred Consignors/Transporters?

TransApp has feature of Favourites in which a user can select another user/users as favourite and can receive or send enquiries to only the favourite user.